Why Nothing Ever Gets Switched Off

Following on from Katie’s post on Friday, the inertia problem stems from the fact that IT departments simply will not turn anything off, for fear of losing important data.

Going into companies as a cloud consultancy, I have seen all sorts of manifestations of this reluctance to let go of old systems. From servers kept in broom cupboards, personal databases operating outside of the main corporate framework, through to racks of servers in data centres still running ancient hardware. It is likely that nobody knows exactly what is in there.

This could all be seen as a hinderance to your cloud project, but at the same time it is also a great opportunity to tidy up the loose ends of your IT. Moving your business to the cloud will entail a full audit of all of your systems, and it is likely that among all of this you will end up finding a huge amount of data you didn’t even know you had. Being forced to clean up your data, will, in the end, prove to be a good thing, but it is a headache to trawl through. This is why, year in, year out, businesses avoid the complex and tedious business of cleaning up their IT portfolio, despite knowing full well how much streamlining will save them in the medium and long term.