More thoughts on the challenges of establishing the financials for a cloud project

All the technical cloud evangelists are going to hate me for dwelling on the practical financial matters of establishing a cloud project but I am afraid these issues cannot be ignored. If organisations cannot break the deadlock on the problem of first man in or last man out with an sensible approach to managing allocation of […]

Moving Always Costs, but Who Pays?

In my last post I hinted at the dilemma of who pays for a cloud project. There would appear to be few issues and some major advantages to scaling out to the Public Cloud, as you can pay as you go or pay for what you use. But is this really the case? The problem […]

Are you Inert or Nimble?

In previous posts, we were looking at inertia in larger organisations. Transitioning to the cloud, despite the benefits it may bring, is a daunting concept which must be passed through several stages of approval. We have discussed factors including, the big players’ belief that they have already reached economies of scale, their entrenched IT teams […]