shutterstock_106673888In keeping with our no-nonsense approach to IT infrastructure, we have simplified our services around three key areas; areas that typically reflect where our clients are in the IT infrastructure change process:




Assess: this typically ranges from knowing that ‘something’ needs to be done – cost reduction, for example – but not knowing the specifics (what, where, how, what order, etc) needs to be done to achieve the business goals/pressures.  We will guide you through that process.

The other end of the scale is knowing what needs to be done but unclear on the impact – risk, service level, costs – that will be effected by the change.  Our combination of experience and your data will give you a much clearer picture of what the outcomes will be.

Migrate: the strategy and architecture teams have done their work and now its time to implement.  By definition, an infrastructure project will have many dependencies – how will they be handled? What order?  What are the ‘political’ implications of this change and how can we manage it to reduce risk and increase the chances of success?  Additionally, where are the resources to implement this change?  We have managed infrastructure projects, programmes and portfolios of projects (and programmes!) and will bring that experience to ensure the biggest chance of success for the engagements you trust us with.

Assure:   this is an area where clients don’t necessarily see there is a requirement:  the strategy have been defined, the architecture detailed and the project has been delivered.  What more is required?

Critically: confirmation that the the services are being delivered as required and meet the ever changing demands of the client.  We have help clients recover failing projects but also ensured that the ongoing delivery of the service meets the goals as set out in the original specifications.