More complexity = more inertia

The Cloud Business blog has now come full circle, we are returning to the subject of cloud inertia.

As discussed back in September, big businesses and banks are particularly sticky when it comes to rolling out new technologies. Fear of regulatory compliance is often used as an excuse to keep servers up and running (and costing money) long after the majority of the information on them has become redundant. Yes, there are legitimate reasons why you might need to keep emails from 5 years ago, they act as a modern paper trail. However, data does not have to remain where it is originally put, just as you can move a pile of papers around from, say, Head Office to a storage facility, it is possible to move data to somewhere less obtrusive and costly.

The more people in an organisation, the more likely it is that someone will dig their heels in and refuse to cooperate whenever there is a project that affects their precious status quo. If these are senior players or even just a vital cog in the wheel, a lack of cooperation can jeopardise the whole project, and end up costing your business a fortune, and cause a huge headache for consultants and sponsors alike. These protected assets can often be the cause of projects appearing to fail, when tracked over the long term, when in fact they have been successful by all other measures.

When embarking on a cloud project, be sure to take this inertia into account, and try to ensure that these protected bits of data are part of your solution. It may be difficult to work with these special interests but it is not impossible, this is where your skills as a consultant will really be put to the test.