Cloud Inertia?

Speaking to our contacts and clients, we see many of them either ignoring or turning a blind eye to the obvious benefits of the cloud. We have come to believe that there is an inherent inertia in organisations against the implementation of the cloud.

Taking one big company we know, we see them quite happily outsourcing critical projects and developments half way across the world, or trusting third parties to supply them with even their customer facing reception services, but unable to see that having 10,000 or more servers in a private data centre is not core business and a waste of time and money!  How can it be that the company seems to think that their reception, where they really interface to clients, is less of a value-added service than the faceless provision of floor space, cooling, racks, and servers which can be bought on the cloud as a commodity service? That their most critical projects are add less value to them than managing an email service? It seems that the inertia in the IT department is stopping them from taking the basic decisions to put their services on the cloud. Even where the business recognises that the leads in the IT departments are protecting their own IT empire, and blocking the consideration of other options, directors seem helpless to stop this self-interested protectionism. Cloud interia is making the company ignore the benefits because they trust IT to do the job.

At the other end of the scale we see small clients unaware of the risks they run with their servers sitting in the stationary cupboard, not getting backed up and frequently overheating. These companies usually employ one IT resource to run around and do everything from keeping the website running, to tuning the email service. A simple decision to move the basic services out to a cloud provider would not only cut costs, but also reduce risk enormously. By outsourcing to the cloud, IT is provided contractually, has clearly defined costs, and is easy for the COO to manage. Cloud interia is making the company blind to the benefits because they fear the risks.

For too long the cloud decision has been presented as a technical decision, it is really just a combination of leasing the assets and outsourcing the services. What is happening in your business? Have you already started the ball rolling, or are you suffering from cloud inertia?


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