Green Sky Projects is a no-nonsense IT infrastructure consultancy.

We recognise that IT infrastructure projects can be messy: they are rarely ‘green field’ opportunities; they rarely have the time for ‘blue sky‘ thinking.  They always require experienced and knowledgeable direction, leadership and execution. They require the understanding of the impact on the application and user environments which they underpin.

We are a team of IT infrastructure specialists well-versed in the complexities of IT infrastructure projects.  We have the t-shirts.  In many cases we have built, and continue to run, companies that specialise in infrastructure domains ranging from data centre builds/rebuilds, server and/or desktop virtualisation through to full commercial structuring of infrastructure outsourcing.

Through all these projects, there are a set of beliefs that are critical to the way we approach the projects that we deliver:

IT Infrastructure projects are undersold.  IT infrastructure teams have been poor at explaining and justifying the investment and operating costs needed to keep IT infrastructure operating effectively and matched to the changing conditions of business environments.  It has been easier to focus (literally) on the bits and bytes of IT than to justify the complex investment, risk, technology and financial trade-offs that every company must deal with.

IT Infrastructure projects are not transparent. By definition IT infrastructure underpins the application and desktop environments that users interact with on a daily basis.  The maintenance and investment to provide these environments is often invisible to the end users.  Companies have created relationship management roles – typically application specialists – to co-ordinate between IT and business units to ensure that the applications and desktop services match the demands (and pockets) of the business units.  Rarely is there direct consultation with IT infrastructure teams to ensure that the under-pinning environments are fit for purpose.  This lack of direct communication means the end-users don’t understand the costs of their service and the IT infrastructure team don’t understand the real requirements of the end-users.

IT infrastructure can be a misunderstood cost (/benefit). Imagine your car is an application (bear with us) and the road you drive on is the IT infrastructure.  You would not want to build your own road every time you bought a new car.  With a shared road in place, you can swap cars, get a faster version, share the road tolls with other car drivers, etc.  Clearly, significant benefits from sharing but what happens when maintenance is required or when a new road to a new destination for a subset of drivers is needed?  Understanding the fixed cost elements of IT infrastructure and what options are available is essential to understanding overall IT costs.

IT infrastructure is going through significant change. We can argue that cloud delivery will not happen for ‘serious’ infrastructure requirements.  We can argue the benefits of IAAS, PAAS and SAAS. We can even argue that there are too many AAS in the world.  What we should agree on is that IT infrastructure is going through a huge change that significantly impacts the organisation, risks and financial profile of IT infrastructure delivery and teams.  Managed correctly, this will provide significant time-to-market and cost-profile benefits to IT buyers.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients really understand and achieve the real value and benefits of their current and future IT infrastructure.

To understand if our approach can help you in your next IT infrastructure change then please contact us directly on 020 7969 2773.